2014-2015 School Supplies Lists

  • Pre-K3 through 8th Grade (PDF)
  • TCS Planners are REQUIRED in 1st through 8th Grades.
  • To order school supplies through Innisbrooke School Supplies, please click here.  The Back-to-School-Pack can be purchased from May 5th through July 25th, 2014.  Trinity’s School number is 108213.

Classroom Web Pages

Each classroom/subject area maintains a web page. For more information please click on the link for the classroom below:

Elementary School:

Mrs. Munson – Pre-K3
Mrs. Fredrickson – Pre-K4
Mrs. Bedore – Kindergarten
Mr. Toth – Kindergarten
Mrs. Spinelli – Grade 1
Mrs. Seaman – Grade 1
Mrs. Smith – Grade 2
Ms. Fredrickson – Grade 2
Mrs. Blythe – Grade 3
Mrs. Saxon – Grade 3
Mrs. Cavaliere – Grade 4
Mrs. Pridgeon – Grade 4
Mrs. Beeman – Grade 5
Ms. Rozofsky – Grade 5

Middle School:

Mr. Caulkins – Science
Mrs. Herzog – Math
Mr. Speer – Advanced Math
Mr. Marchand – Social Studies
Mr. O’Sullivan – Religion
Mrs. Hillstrom – English
Mrs. Lazar – Literature

Special Areas:

Computer Lab
Physical Education
Media Center

Other Important Links:

National Junior Honor Society
Drama Club
Guidance Counselor